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[forminator_form id=”25157″]May I ask if its possible to use your forms to create/build front-end product listings for users. I have tried multiple multi-vendor-marketplace plugins and classified site plugins, literally over the last year I have tried most of them. Some enable front end posting or listing of products but the user must have paypal just to list a product others have strange categories that do not work. I am looking for a simple way anyone on the front-end can list a product or post a blog on my site. Please let me know if using ‘forms’ or a form builder is the answer. The one I am using now makes it almost impossible to add blocks for things like ‘How many bedrooms” I have to chose if I want to subscribe again to wp.com but currently I am so sick and tired i am about to give up. I was hoping your pluhin may enable some type of front end posting? Thanks


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